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22nd March 2014

Modern Qipao, Traidional Kebaya or Traditional Cheongsam in America/USA

Looking for a good quality modern design of traditional Chinese or Indonesian clothing? Heritsy is a great place to shop Modern and Traditional clothing that includes Qipao/Cheongsam and Kebaya. Exclusivly hand-picked material with modern design allowing you to wear these traditional clothing not only during festive or formal party but you are now having the freedom to wear them to the mall or at work.

These clothing are all having limited design of having a few pieces to each sizes and made in Indonesia and ship to America. There are available stocks in the United States on those item listed online.

URL: http://www.heritsy.com

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1st March 2013

How to Cancel Subscription, Account or Contract

This is a Wiki to help you with all your cancelation. You can cancel subscription for newspaper, Netflix, Pandora and more. Or terminate your contract with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or others cell phone provider.

It also have info on how you could delete your online account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, Skype and more.

URL: http://wikicancel.org/

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27th February 2013

Take a Snapshot of the Webpage

It allows you to cut a portion of a web you would like to share or simply take a photo of the entire webpage. Then you can simply add notes and share them with your friends on your social profile. You sign up with your Google Account or Facebook Login, then an extension for Chrome is needed to be installed in order to get these functions.

URL: http://www.clipular.com/

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21st February 2013

Open Online Courses with Credits for Degree

Mooc2Degree is providing some free Open Online Courses whereby you can learn and completed it online. Most importantly, it will earn credits towards your degree base base on criteria established by participating universities. You will need to subscribe towards a particular University and they will return an email with MOOC offering. Also check out Coursera if you are interested in learning free online.

URL: http://www.mooc2degree.com/

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13th February 2013

Download Torrent Directly to Dropbox

Boxopus allow you to download directly to your Dropbox account without having to install a torrent client on your computer. This also means you can download torrent from your phone or tablet. Since Dropbox should be available all the time, you do not need to wait for seeder by having your PC switch on for 24/7.

URL: http://www.boxopus.com/

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1st February 2013

Flashcard App to help your Study

This is a very simple idea transforming your physical flashcard to digital flashcard where you can bring along easily and no need to look like a nerd. Simply pull out your phone while you are on the train or waiting for your friends to get the car. You simply maximize the time you study. There is a free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone and also Android Tablet. Also you can share them with your friends.

URL: http://www.studyblue.com/teachers/

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31st January 2013

Twitter and Google Plus Search Engine

Search data from Twitter or Google Plus. We know that you can search via Twitter and Google Plus too but Topsy provides more data just like a search engine. It show photo, video, trending and by date.

There is alos a social analytics available for free while some Pro Analytics is available for paying customer.

URL: http://topsy.com/

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28th January 2013

Android Trading Portal

A dedicated portal for buying and selling Android related product. You can trade Android Phone, Android Tablets and also Accessories. Quite an interesting idea using a classifieds for a niche product.

URL: http://vendoandroid.com/

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11th December 2012

Learn to Code for free

This is where you can start to learn to code for free. The have interactive tools to help you perform hands on training. This is targeted more towards web programmer and web designer. They have courses for jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby and more to come.

URL: http://www.codecademy.com/learn

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30th November 2012

Create an Mobile App for iOS, Android and even Windows

When I see this, I knew that I need to bookmark this on my website here. This website provide you a platform to start your app with some standard feature like Feeds, Social Feeds, Contact Us page, Video, Photo, Music and even E-commerce. And you could start for free, although the free has very low quotas on users and visits, but it is a good start. If it work out, you can then upgrade to a paid service. Not to mention you can even monetize your app.

URL: http://mobile.conduit.com/

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