5th November 2011

Track Your Kid and it is Fun

This is just a brilliant way to track your kids in a fun way. Rather than calling them each hour to check where they have been, now they can do their own check in securely in a private group.
Why they will check in? It is because they will be rewarded with points whereby you the parents will need to reward them base on the points. Cool and fun way. Plus it is free given you kids own a iPhone. Too bad it is not in Android yet.

URL: http://imok.com/

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30th October 2011

Baby Name List with Meaning

If you are expecting a little one very soon, this is simply a great tool to allow you to choose the name for your baby. It is rank, splitted to boy or girls name. Even better, you can sign-in to add into your name list.

URL: http://www.ebabynames.com

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28th June 2011

Baby or Children Website

With so many unfiltered websites born each day your newborn baby or your children needs to visit some that are credible to have fun time to learn and expose themselves to the digital world. They have videos, games, lesson and also some mobile application from their websites.

URL: http://www.babyfirsttv.com/

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1st March 2011

Rent a Toy for your Kids

This is a great idea, it is especially great for parents who wishes to have only one kid as toy will not be shared or pass down to another kid. Toys today is not cheap and as a parent, you always wish that you kids get to try out everything. As you never know what if they will generate some kind of interest if they played the correct toys.

URL: http://www.toygaroo.com

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22nd October 2010

Kids Social Networking

Rather than having you kids exposed to Facebook or other adult social network influence as they are not actually meant for kids. You can have a safer and a secure world for your kids.

URL: https://mixels.com/

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12th June 2010

Children stories read by Children

Lazy to read a story book, get other child to read them for you. It is a simple idea and I think it is quite interesting for younger children listening to older children reading a story for them.

URL: http://smories.com

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7th July 2009

Post Your Party/Event Information For FREE! Free Promotion and Advertisement. NO MORE FLYERS!

URL: http://www.ijustparty.com

This website is an event promotional website. Anyone can find an event anywhere. Great for college parties, clubs, concerts, birthday parties, house parties, block parties, bars etc. If you want to post an event it is totally free; just sign up. Stop spending your money on flyers. This is a really reliable and quick way to spread and find event info.

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16th May 2009

Current Events for Teens

URL: http://www.keepthemcurrent.com

The things we learn in childhood are what come most naturally to us in adulthood. That is why the good habits children form now yield exponential results years later. By keeping youths informed of matters of world importance, day by day, you are building a knowledge base that will serve them well in a marketplace that is just getting more global by the minute. Our service provides a fun and informative environment for students and parents to get interactive and proactive about current world events. If we read more and talk more, we’ll know more. Knowledge is power. Keep Them Current.

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6th April 2009

Picture Dictionary

Do you have times where you do not understand the explanation on the dictionary as you are unable to picture the description. Picture dictionary is the way to go. Although it may seems like you are going back in time when you are a kid holding a picture dictionary and learning the things in it.


It run on AJAX and it keeps you previous searches. The picture gets it source form flickr tagging. It is fairly and accurate.

Picture Dictionary @ Sashi

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